Re: Can Aluminum be welded using a DC SMAW ?

>Oh I forgot to mention that you could go the other route. > >Buy the Maxstar 150 TIG/Stick machine, and use it to run a Readywelder >spoolgun for aluminum. > >
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>I run one off of my Maxstar 200DX, and it works great for MIG welding >steel or aluminum. > >For steel you would need a small bottle of C25 and for aluminum a small >bottle of Argon.

Thanks Ernie. The Ready Welder completely slipped my mind since I was planning on a CC Tig/Stic machine, but after looking at the specs it can accommodate both CV and CC. This appears to be the perfect solution for me. I wont even need the Tig/Stick for now. I will hook it up to my 200 Amp Air Products (Type RCHS ??) MIG. The reason I wanted the Tig/Stick was because I don't have the wire feeder working yet for the MIG. I have a Planetics wire feeder I intend for the MIG but it needs some modifications before I can hook it up to the power source. I'll use the Ready Welder with the MIG until I get the wire feeder working. Then I'll look into getting a nice TIG with all the knobs and switches I can afford. Thanks again for your input.


oh, one more question. It does not seem that the Ready Welder will switch on and off the contactor in the MIG power source. Will I need to make an on off switch for this ?

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Joseph, your welder may be a little light for welding aluminum. Thickness ? you can weld aluminum with a tig in the dc straight mode. the gas mix is critical mix: argon 5-8% Helium 92-95%. the helium ala hotter arc the argon smoothes the arc and gives it stability. the tungsten should be rather large w/ 160 amps. i'd say 3/32' grind to a long sharp point. this process is extremely fast and will take some practice. refer: to the american society of metals, welding handbook.

d baltimore md

ps yes you can stick weld alum> Hello,

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d g

AC for AL, only way to do it..... at least that's my experience trying both dc and ac on AL.

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I was just running aluminum stick electrode at school tonight. We have a couple of old boxes of Allstate Smoothcote 1/8" Aluminum rods and thought I would play with them.

Everything I had heard and seen of aluminum stick welds was ghastly, but after playing with them for a few hours I can say that if pushed I could use them to do some aluminum welding.

Technique and weld prep are critical though.

They still qualify as only a last resort welding method for aluminum.

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