Tig questions, Maxstar 150 stl

I'm seriously considering this tig machine,
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have the millermatic 175 mig and love it. This would be used for smaller
applications (like tubing that is smaller in diameter or 16-20 ga sheet
metal boxes and stuff) and only used on mild steel. I would like any input
as far as limitations and expectations or recommendations. Also, what inert
gas would work the best for me.
Thanks in advance,
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They are nifty machines. I had a Maxstar 140 before I upgraded to he Maxstar 200DX.
The Maxstar 150STL is the simpler model with lift arc start. The nicer Maxstar 150STH has a high frequency start and some simple pulsing ability.
Both machines have an impressive duty cycle and output from 110 volt power.
The only gasses you can use for TIG are Argon, Helium, or a mix of the 2.
Pure Argon is the cheapest option.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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