New Maxstar 150 problems, HELP?!

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Subject: New Maxstar 150 problems, HELP!
Greetings all,
> After more than 2 years of begging/threatening/pleading, the Boss finally
> purchased us a new Maxstar 150 STH this past week. We are using 115V
> power connections and someone was supposed to pick up a 10 ga./50' extension
> cord for it but I'm not sure if that has happened yet. It has been used
> over the last couple of days for both TIG and stick and seems to have been
> performing well.
> (SIDE Note; one of the welders said they were using 3/32" rods at about 90
> amps and were having to turn it down half way threw the rod to keep from
> burning them up. Not sure what type of rods(6011, 6013, 7018), and I am not
> much of a stick welder, but I seem to recall someone saying the burning up
> of the rods was not a good thing. Right or Wrong?
> This morning, Saturday, it was taken to a plant where they say; "it TIG
> welded (SS) about an inch then quit" the blue power light just flashes. I
> personally have 2 theories as to why it quit, but am open to any other
> options/opinions.
> 1) They have it plugged into too small of a drop cord and are starving it
> for power.
> 2) They have it set for the wrong operation, SMAW instead of GTAW or they
> have it set to use the remote and are trying to scratch start it. >
> I would appreciate any and all suggestions before Monday when I will have
> to tell the boss that our new $1500 play pretty is broke. GGGRRR!! >
> Regards,
> Jim C Roberts
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Jim C Roberts
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Serial Number is everything. Do a search of this group for maxstar and serial number. If you're unit is pre- LF 010173M, they'll exhange it free with a new Chinese made Maxstar if it's causing you problems. Ask for Mark Cadillac at Miller. It could be the cord, but that's really unlikely. I use 67 amps for 3/32" 6013-6011, 75 is right for 3/32" 7018. That's using 5 12ft computer power strips in a row, each with a 15amp breaker all on a 15amp brach. You can run all day at 67amps. 70+, and it will trip a 15amp if you run it constantly. Remember, the heating of a wire or a rod is given by the area of the circle you get when you it in half. Pi times radius squared gives: 1/16 gives 30 amps max for 6011-6013 3/32 divided by 2=0.046875 squared=.00220 times pi=.0069 or 69amps max 1/8 divided by 2=.0625 times pi/2 =98amps max 1/4"=.125^2 times pi gives 491 amps max These are real maximums, reduce 0-10% for 6011-13, increase 10% for 7018, 15% for 8018-9018, and 20% for 10018. Don't use 6010 with the Maxstar unless it's you ex's new husbands car you're fixing. 6011 is pretty. 7024 is like a stick version of mig. Not close really, but unique enough to be compared.
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Ben Woodward
FYI, just kidding about the Chinese part. It's worth it's weight in gold, IMO.
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Ben Woodward
Had me scared there for a minute. My apologies for not reposting sooner, thanks for your advice. Our local Linde rep got us another unit in today as a replacement, the original is on its way back to Miller for diagnosis, which I am eagerly awaiting.
Thanks again, Jim
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Jim C Roberts
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ahmad ali

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