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I have recently been given an electric welder which I wish to use to play

>with and gain experience. The item was left in a deceased relative's estate >so no info is available from source. >I have not welded before but am an active diy'er so would like to play. Is >any one aware of a good welding guide on the net. >Looking in the Screwfix catalogue I see there are several types of welder >( Tig Mig etc ) and I don't know what type this is. The model is a Cebora >MFV50, Article number 1741, I have searched the Net without joy on that >model, think it's an oldish model. >Also it is fitted with an industrial type mains inlet round plug, if changed >is it suitable for connection to domestic ring main ( 13Amp plug ) or would >a heavy current spur have to be installed. The max output current of the >welder is 220 Amps. >I notice that welding has a high ( in the top 10 ) incidence of accident >occurance so what should I be aware of. I know to use a mask but does >welding spit molten metal, how do I protect myself. >I have not yet switched it on so any help welcome.


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is a good sized machine if you can get it going. Check the voltage requirements - many of that size are 440V 3 phase. Some can be wired to 240V with a lower current rating. Geoff

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