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If yours has the switch option the way you throw it over is to hold on to

> the trigger while turning on the machine. Do it again and the machine goes > back to regular start. > Randy > > its a 255 lincoln mig welder, it was already set up for mig welding aluminum > not sure if it has a teflon liner? went to the lincoln site and they have > Selectable slow or fast wire feed run-in for smooth arc starting, the > machine is a few years old so i am not sure if it has this feature, or where > the switch is, if it does, they show a timer set on the machine which smeems > to contol this feature, Never seen a speedometer? but they have tackometer > on a mig welder A welder uses thier ears to listen! its a very simple > instrument :) you can the pitch of the drive, it makes a distinctive sound, > also i pulled on the wire with a pair of needle nose made no difference, > also played with the tension on the wire spool and the pressure on the drive > wheels, thiers not alot of welding with the mig its mostly used for tacking > and small welds an 1" or 2", most of the welding is tig, it just annoying > when you do have to make a weld, it works fine once it picks up speed and > keeping the hose fairly stright, the ideal would be to have cobra push pull > gun, they have a spool gun on a canox but it does not run like it should > its old and fussy to set up, if i time tommrow i will poke it with a stick:) > > > > > > > > When you snip your wire each time pull the wire a bit before snipping > > >off. that takes up the slack so to speak and give the wire a run at it > when > > >starting. Seems to help for me even on push pulls I have used. > > > > > >"Q"uestion that is, I'm using a lincoln 175? not positive, .045 4043 > wire, > > >it does not have PPgun, the question being that every time the trigger is > > >squeezed, the wire comes out slowly, than it speeds up after a few > seconds, > > >when it does this its running too cold, is this normal ? i've played with > > >the wire speed and still the same :) > > > > > >-- > > >RODNEY JOHNSON > > > > How do you know the wire speed is starting slow and speeding up? Do > > you have some kind of speedometer on the wire or measuring reel rpm? > > > > Aluminum is great heat conductor and it is normal to have cold starts > > more so with small welders. Then they are running a little hot as > > aluminum heats up. That is one reason for run on plates. Preheat helps > > prevents cold starts and drys the aluminum so it welds better. Always > > SS wire brush aluminum weld joint and 1/4" on each side to remove any > > oxide that requires higher heat to puddle and can hides enough water > > to cause porosity. > > Some Kemppi MIG welders have wire speed control on gun to help adjust > > feed speed (heat) while welding . > > > > Small MIG welders don't have preflow. No Argon to ionize requires > > higer voltage to arc and shielding problems. Aluminum is more > > sensitive to poor shielding than mild steel. > > Feed a little wire without welding just before welding to get > > shielding gas to mig gun . Then quickly pull on wire end and clip > > flush to nozzle. This gives a little time before arc starts and a > > little shielding gas preflow. > > Use a flowmeter that requres higher regulator pressure will give > > slightly more flow surge when welder's gas solenoid opens which might > > help. You can hear this flow surge but it doesn't show on flowmeter as > > it is using excess pressure in hose. Some flowmeters require 35 psi > > supply others require as high as 50 psi. > > > > > > > > > > > >
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