Have I any engines for sale


At 21:50 tonight I have just had some Numpty ring me up to see if I have any engines for sale !!!!!!!!! Number withheld and no name given, anybody else had similar.

Martin P

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Well if you will play in dodgy playgrounds.........:-)

regards Roland

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Roland Craven

I had a call from a Mr.Fawcett at about 8.15pm a week last Sunday asking the same question. He actually gave his name when asked, although left no number. I have been looking out to see if anyone else has been "drongo-ed". ( A term lifted from another place!) As it has been some time since I last advertised an engine in the magazine, I asked him from which edition of SE he obtained my number. I can't remember the month he quoted, but the year was 2005!! I told him curtly to get a more recent edition.

Regards, DJC

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