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Going to make a hot charcoal tray for under the grill. What rod for rebar to rebar?


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Steve B
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I would use 6013, it is the easiest. Lots of restrikes.

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steveb posted on 17mar12 11:30pm:

"In 1990, I owned a welding company."

but doesn't know this .......

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Phil Kangas

I would also use 6013 and have welded rebar with 6013. Seems to have worked fine, but there is rebar and then there is rebar which is specified as weldable. Have no clue what I welded. It came from the scrap yard.

If you have problems with the welds cracking or cracking next to the weld, I would try a stainless rod. Welding rebar can be somewhat like welding cast iron as far as being high carbon.


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There are 4 types of uncoated rebar: A615 (most common) in 40, 60 (most common) and 75 ksi yield grades, A616 in 50 and 60 ksi grades, A617 in 40 and 60 ksi grades, A706 in 60 ksi only - this is the only weldable grade, and is of limited availability even new. Chance of unspecified scrap being this grade is near zero.

So you should assume that any unknown rebar is of only 40 ksi yeld strength and unweldable, such that any welding will create a hard, brittle zone structurally equivalent to a deep notch.

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Glen Walpert

Good to know, thanks. Bob

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Bob Engelhardt

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