Senior Moment

I was finishing up the OA cart today, and couldn't get an arc. I was
using my Dynasty 200DX in stick mode with 6011 rod. Checked out the
setup several times. I finally noticed that I had the stick in
backwards. Good grief.
Pete Keillor
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Pete Keillor
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Heh, heh!
Pete Keillor wrote:
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As a friend said to me recently, "As we get older, we don't lose our minds. Our "forgetters" just get better!"
Fraser Competition Engines Chicago, IL. Long Beach, CA.
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"Pete Keillor" wrote: (clip) I finally noticed that I had the stick in backwards. (clip) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I never have that problem, since my welder is AC only, so polarity is not relevant. :-)
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Leo Lichtman
I smoked my commercial 5hp rotary converter tonight trying to start what turned out to be a 10hp motor so I could breadboard up a bigger rotary converter to run my big Airco Phase Arc 350.
Anyone want to trade a MINTY Airco 3ph Mig will do marvelous spray transfer, 350 amp, with new Tweeco torch, beautiful condition, low time, for a good Mig I can use on 220 single phase and run .045 wire with?
Anyone have a larger rotary converter?
"Pax Americana is a philosophy. Hardly an empire. Making sure other people play nice and dont kill each other (and us) off in job lots is hardly empire building, particularly when you give them self determination under "play nice" rules.
Think of it as having your older brother knock the shit out of you for torturing the cat." Gunner
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Gunner Asch
- Pete Keillor - spluttered in news:
Most of the stick welding I've done has been maintenance type stuff. I have a habit of always twisting a new rod in the holder, even out of a brand new box.
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Greg M
">- Pete Keillor - spluttered in
And I'll bet (if yer like me), the first thing you did was look both ways to see if anyone was looking............
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Nope. I've done enough dumb things over the years that the novelty has worn off. I just accept I'm human and move on.
Pete Keillor
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Pete Keillor
That is NOT how you are supposed to do "reverse polarity" ...
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Mike Fields

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