Spool gun question

Young fella at work has a 220 Miller Mig. He wants to be able to
weld aluminum tubing and make some non structural brackets, etc.
He asked me what to know about aluminum welding.
I told him basically I know little about welding aluminum, but I
believe he needs pure argon gas and a spool gun. Any guns to like
or dislike, any other gotchas to worry about?
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Not sure which machine he has. Miller makes several different sizes of 220 volt MIG machine.
Miller makes spoolguns to fit different classes of machine. The larger industrial MIGs take the Miller 30A spoolgun (one of my favorites). The 30A costs around $900 new, and around $400 - $600 used.
The smaller spoolguns are less industrial, and more hobby oriented. For this reason they are more like $500 new.
Some machines require an interface box to hook up a spoolgun. The larger Millers (Millermatic 251 or 300) have this built in and can simply plug in.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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