Stainless Steel / Aluminum

Please give me your professional advice. I want to repair a chair base
for a family member.
The base is made out of a "chrome" metal. I don't know if it is
stainless or aluminum. Does anyone know what the majority of "chrome"
furniture bases are made of? Has anyone ever repaired such an item
If this is stainless steel, Is that a material welders commonly work
Please advise.
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I will take this item to a welder. I would appreciate some direction before I do.
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Does a magnet stick to it? If so, it's an Fe alloy (perhaps stainless), if not, there's no iron in it, and it may well be aluminum.
Both can be repaired.
Hope this helps.
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Jeremy Chavers
Chances are that it is cromed steel, if it is a chair from a kitchen set. Stainless steel is rarely used unless it is made for Pleasure boat applications. Aluminum is being used for extensively for Patio furniture and is rarely cromed, it is usually painted. I would recomend grabbing a magnet (a fridge magnet will work) and if it sticks to the base it can be easily welded be just about any welding process (mig, tig or oxy/acetylene). If it doesn't stick to the base take a trip to your local weldor and he should be able to tell you what it is made of.
In my welding shop we repair approximatly 300-500 chairs a year for the local school boards and a fair chunck of the local taverns.
I hope this answers your questions.
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Greg Jordison
Most that I've seen are chrome plated thin wall steel tubing. I have repaired several such. TIG now. Used to be O/A.
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Ted Edwards

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