Joining Reynolds 531 tubing

my understanding is that thie high strength "531" Manganese/Molybdenum tubing should only be brazed, not welded, with rod that melts between

850 and 950 degrees Centigrade. Any one have experience with this. The project is an old Jaguar whiich has th is tubing and the desire is to repair a small rustspot, about one inch is perforated, on the bottom of one tube.

Is there a specific rod one should use?


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I have welded a frame for a 1967 Ferrari. It was 4130 Chrome/moly tube. I used Hastelloy W, but Inconel 625 would also work.

Keep amperage as low as possible.

The aerospace alloys like Hastelloys, Inconels, Haynes Alloys, and others are Nickle based super alloys. They melt at lower temperatures than steel and bond to damn near anything iron, nickle, or cobalt based.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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