Welding High Strength Aluminum

Of course the high strength aluminums are in a heat treated condition when
looking at their highest yield strengths .
Then 6061 is popular with machine shops because it machines well and becaus
e it is easily available . It is often welded but it is not the best weldin
g aluminum and it is not the highest strength aluminum . The yield strength
is 50,000 . (When aftermarket fabricators say that something is billet the
y usually mean machined from 6061 .)
And 7075 is famous for strength but it does not weld very well. The yield s
trength is 76,000 !
But don't forget about 2024 and it does not weld very well. The yield stren
gth here is 67,000 .
And so here are some high strength aluminum alloys that are better for weld
ing :
2219, yield strength 66,000
2519, yield strength 66,000
7003, yield strength 50,000
7005, yield strength 51,000
7039, yield strength 58,000
But each aluminum alloy requires a certain type of filler material for weld
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I found some aluminum machinability ratings:
2024, 70% 6061, 50% 7075, 70%
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Of course most aluminum is TIG welded or MIG welded .
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