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Ernie: As a long time lurker here it seems you don't get half the thanks you deserve for your good advice. But I want to thank you for helping me me on the difficult joint problem. I didn't even know there was such a thing as MIG brazing but a 'net search set me straight. Thanks again.

Unfortunately I don't have any silicon bronze wire or Argon or the funds to purchase them at this time. So, my best bet would be to set up practice joints with disposable material and experiment with what I do have. I have 14 ga sheet metal (The same thickness as the 2x3 tube) and lots of the one inch square tube, but just barely enough to the 2x3 for the required amount, so I can't screw any of them up. Unless there is a better way......?

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You could try Silicon bronze stick electrode. I haven't played with it, but I know people who have. Also a small 309L stainless steel stick electrode may work since stainless steel has a lower melting poiint and might not punch through the tube.

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