Tig arc start- high frequency or lift-arc

I been using a Dimetrics Centaur 75 power supply and sequence controller for circumferential automatic precision tig welding for almost 15 years. It uses a high frequency arc starter which has worked fine on most of our welds which are done with a .020" arc gap. I'm ordering another welding system and the salesman is trying to sell me one which will use a Miller Maxstar 152 that uses the Lift-arc start. Since the system will include a Arc Voltage controller with torch servo connected to a Amet XM controller I assume this will work fine.

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any one had experience with this type of system. Most of our welding our done at an average of 30 amps, 39"/minute. I'm concerned the Maxstar

152 will not perform as well as the Centaur especially on some of the finer welds which average 5 amps.
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Nice looking package.

A Maxstar 152 is pretty old. Why such an old power supply? The Maxstar 152 was fully controllable and I know they used them for purpose built welding devices, but a Maxstar 200DX will work much better. The Maxstar 152 didn't have a HF start built in. You had to add a Snap-Start unit to use HF start.

The Maxstar 200DX goes down to 1 amp, with full pulser/sloper/sequencer capability, and has HF start built in. For how much that whole unit will cost, upgrading the power supply would be a cheap upgrade.

Lift arc is only beneficial if you are working near sensitive electronics like medical equipment or radio transmission gear.

HF start is much better for general use.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

The system is to replace one that was sent to me that had a CobraTig supply/controller but never was not able to perform as promised.

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That is what is normally specified but I suspect they are cutting corners because it's technically an upgrade from the original system.

Yes, I read that at the Miller website.


I'm going to have to rethink this upgrade. It could be that Liburdi Dimetrics has a better package.

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