TIG Filler rod questions (various bizarre stuff)

Got a bucket of welding rods yesterday. Some questions.

  1. I have some yellow rods that look like brass rod or bronze. Any idea what they may be.

  1. I have some 410 stainless filler rods. Can they be used with other grades of stainless (308, 312 etc).

  2. I have some strange rods for welding tool steel. Some say air quenching. What are they for, welding or buildup or both?

  1. I have a box of long (2 feet long) dull grey tungsten rods, maybe

1/16". Any idea what their intended use may be.

Also got some that looks like regular steel rods covered with very large amount of flux. I think that I will just throw those away, but I have a suspicion that these may be for cast iron.


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1.might be chromalloy

2.should be OK unless you are welding critical (aircraft) parts

3.mostly for build up and hardfacing


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Thank you DM... Appreciate the quick tips...

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