up grading welders?

I have a Miller 135 I bought last year and this year I bought a 175 from a
friend that never used it and nether have I, he found out that he is dieing
and started selling off. I bought it 1/2 price of his invoice $550.00 for
the 175, spool of 030, co2 owned tank 2' high and an extension cord.
I was thinking about trading the 175 for a 210 miller and pay a small
difference. They said I should get 750 - 800 just for the unit selling it as
a demo. and taken credit for the tank and keep the cord.
The 135 would only bring maybe 500 give or take. I could be wrong.
trade that for a plasma cutter maybe if I really need one.
I do have a dryer hookup in the garage 30A 125/250V |_

\ /
That is the plug I have for the dryer.
Can I use that with the 175 or a 210 miller? or will I have to run a new box
into the garage?
Or should I just keep what I have in the mig's and look for a plasma as I
need one down the road?
Don D.
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Don D.
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Don, First I'm sorry to hear about your friends health. The 175 is a pretty close match to the 210 for the garage type work. I have a 210 and I used plenty of wire on a 175 at a shop I freelanced in. Keep the 175 and get a plasma cutter. The 175 is a good machine in my opinion it's just a little bit less duty cycle and the gun is bigger on the 210 and frankly, I prefer the M10 on the smaller machine. A plasma cutter and the 175 cab fit on the same cart for portability too. The outlet should not be a problem but to be safe- consult an electrician or your city/township electrical inspector for a professional on site opinion on the outlet issue, there are a lot of variables that need to be seen and can't be expressed in text. Some of the journeymen on this site may have other views and I would defer to them as I do it mostly as a "as needed" welding.
Good luck and just think- more tools= more fun
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