Water Cooler

Was wondering if anybody has built a water cooler or chiller for TIG or
MIG welding torch , have been TIG welding for many years , I have used the
Bernard type that has a tank and radiator/fan combo to help cool water if
the torch load isn't too great , I know that a 300 Amp. like the HW-18 etc.
will heat the radiator/fan unit very quickly , I have used city and well
water , they cool very good , wastefull of the water and the minerals will
clog up the torch , years ago I bought an old dairy cooler from a local
farmer , was a self contained unit with compressor / fan on top and coil on
the bottom , had thermostat to control temp. , had unit in a frame with an
insulated water container and used a standard pump , cooler gave out several
years ago and I wondered if some chap out there has built something like the
what I mentioned.
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I never did nearly as intense or prolonged welding.
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