Weld inspection gauges

I am looking for a manufacturer of weld inspection gauges. I have
been to Newman tools seen at this website :
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and see the tools that I
need, namely the WG-4 bridge gauge... Newman tools have imposed their name
over the manufacturer on the website as you can see... can't blame them as
they are out to make a sale... however I want to know the manufacturer of
these tools so I can compare. Is there anyone here that can enlighten me
with a company name that makes these tools?....Thank you Jim
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The most common inspection gages I see are made by G.A.L. Gage.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
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//. ------------------------------------- Jim wrote:
Hi Jim, If you would like send me what kind of gage you are looking for. We are one for the larges custom tool and gage house in the US I am sure we could help with any gaging need you may need John
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Look at Starrett's site, too. They make (almost) every measurement tool you could think of, for "close enough" and precision (0.xxxx and beyond) work.
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If you need custom tooling, they do that as well, but be warned- it isn't cheap.
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