weld test 5F-up / PH

Hello all

I'm going for a weld test.

5F-up / PH (tube (horizontal axis) to plate (vertical))

GMAW / MIG (process 135 - Argon-mix ArCO2)


Any suggestions?

Any resources I can benefit from ? eg. videos online

I can do 3F vertical-up / PF, and other positional.

I use dip-transfer at about 120A - is that about right?

Thanks in advance, Rich

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Richard Smith
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A quick google search came up with several results including this: https:// goo.gl/Lp3XLK "5F Welding Test - Not Common - And Not Easy". Specifically, this article is about stick welding, but still, I think the principals appl y. I doesn't sound like fun at all.

The one video I watched showed a guy doing it, but with the plate horizonta l, and he just gave it a quarter turn a few times. That's too easy.

read. practice. take tylenol. repeat.

Good luck on your test.

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Jesse Bear

Hi again

Thanks for answers and pointers.

Can you initially set-up on plate? Set-up on a plate T-fillet test-piece?

I know that plate constant conditions "should" be close to what happens on a pipe at the "clock-face" position which has locally the same inclination - but in reality that isn't the case - it's only approximately so.

On the other hand, to get a rough idea where to start...

Can anyone say whether this helps and sort-of works?

  • Initially you could find a "dip" setting which is the lowest which fuses in the horizontal-vertical (2F/PB) position.

On the same setting - voltage-tap and wire-feed-speed;

  • Try that you can run it with fusion in the 4F/PD position

  • Try in the 3F-up/PF position - can / how-do you control at that setting?

Iterate if necessary adjusting up or down the power (V and WFS).

Would that put you somewhere close to the condition you need for the pipe-fillet 5F-up / PH weld?

Rich Smith

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Richard Smith

No - I can answer this question myself. Cough splutter spitting out grit after going face-first downwards trying that...!

Nothing is similar between plate and pipe. You cannot get any idea that way.

Limping away with intention to let my wounds heal and try again as soon as I've recovered significantly.

Rich S

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Richard Smith

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