3 ph to single ph switching ?

Just bought a three ph Boxford tool and cutter grinding machine with F/

switches (push button) would an electrician be able to connect thes switches to a single ph motor with four wires coming out or will th switches have to be replaced ? Davi

-- stereotyp

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Depends on the actual switches. If they are magnetic contacter types, they can usually be wired to work on single phase of the same voltage that they are rated for. If they are simply a mechanical crossover type switch (ie: they just break one connection and make another when the switch is thrown) they should be able to be made to work if you have a reversing motor.

You might consider spending the money you might otherwise pay an electrician to sort this out, on a Variable Frequency Drive or VFD. It takes single phase power in, puts out three phase, and usually gives the added advantages of soft starting (reduces the current draw on start) and variable speeds at the touch of a button or dial.

Do a search on ebay to see prices and availability.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

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