Welding a pulley on to a shaft

My generator head cooked and I would like to use the engine for a new
setup however the engine has a tapered shaft and the new generator
head takes a belt pulley instead of a direct hookup, I cannot locate
pulley for a tapered shaft so would it be feasable to "weld" a pulley
the engine shaft? has anyone been successful at welding one on an
engine shaft.thanks
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That would probably be impossible to get to run true, and would probably cause the crank to fail or wipe out the bearings. See if you can find a rough bore QD bushing small enough, and have it machined to a matching taper. Lots of sheaves take QD bushings.
Pete Keillor
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Pete Keillor
Welding usually distorts the shaft, it never runs true after that. We have had success with making a tapered bushing adapter. Takes some fussing on the lathe to get it right. In your case, I'd just chuck up a nice dual groove cast iron pulley, put the correct taper inside.
troye wrote:
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Aiee! Don't ever do that. If you're stuck on a desert island and you need a pulley attached to a shaft to get off* then use JB weld, maybe. But don't actually _weld_ it.
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Tim Wescott
What is the brand and model of the engine???
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Jim Wilkins
If you don't have a lathe there are still a couple of ways to do this. If you still have the old generator head, disassemble it until you can get the shaft out, then cut off the end of the shaft with the taper. Find a pulley that will fit over that shaft. The guys at surpluscenter.com usually have a good selection... --Glenn Lyford
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Jeeze, good idea, have you been there?
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Matthew Maguire
Nah, I can't even seem to scrounge broken generators.
But the principle is simple: the easiest way to deal with oddball mating parts is to make sure you use _both_parts_.
--Glenn Lyford
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