welding machine..

well, we looked it over and have been talking about it in class a lot and I really like the TIG welding...it looks challenging, awesome and very attractive.

So basically, that's what I'm going for...a stick/TIG machine (i think that's how they come?). We are running millers that have settings for tig/mig/stick and 2 other ones (flux core and something else maybe?). I'm not exactly sure...we just started stick yesterday.

Tomorrow they're letting us jump around and try out everything...to get some hands on (part of the safety course on safely running all the equipment). I'm planning on having a few hours tied up on TIG to see what I can do.

I'd like to have something at home though...to practice on the weekends...and just like you guys said...something small. I don't need anything huge, just something that's 115v and that will do the job for the metals i'll be using.

I'll take your advice...I won't be getting one for a few months, but I will definitely keep what you said in mind, Greg.

Thanks guys and I'll be hanging around...


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Go for a 220 volt machine it not hard too add an outlet! Suggestion for a welder is a Miller 180. Great machine picked mine up from a dealer rental program for less than a 1,000 dollars with over 2 years of warrantee left. While some tig machines will work on 110 volts you still need alot of amps. Inverter technology is very expensive to repair and is DC only. You will lose the ability to weld alluminium!


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Kenneth Emmert

thanks ken. I asked my teacher about 140 amps and he also suggested more amperage because of the aluminum welding.

All of your suggestions have been great...thanks guys.

I ended up not even touching TIG today...We didn't have enough torches to accomodate everyone, so I stood back and watched a little. It looks awesome.

I did run stick though...i had a rough time getting archs from the 6010 and

7018. They kept sticking on me.

Monday is a new day ;)


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good attitude and the right one too!

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John Miller

That's why they call it "stick". Stay with it; practice makes perfect.

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John L. Weatherly

thanks scott. i'll check out the link this evening.

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Right on John.

Like i said...monday is a new day ;)

i think i was trying to hard and i found out today EXACTLY what i did wrong...i'm striking the stick too hard against the steel instead of gentle scraping it like lighting a match.

this is why i want a welder...lol...i figure out the solutions, now i want another try at it!


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There are AC/DC Inverters also available from a number of manufacturers

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Gwyn Phillips

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