welding rusted through cylinder?

OK; I just came into possession of a 8,000 lb rated shop floor lift, came out of an auto repair teaching shop, and it has a couple of spots in the outside jacket that are rusted pretty deep and may be about to fail. I have already taken a twisted cup brush and cleaned up half of the cylinder (approx. 14" diam. by 7' long) and am planning on just taking my wire feed machine and doing a couple of passes over the excessively deep pits and then pressurize the cylinder to about 50-75 lbs and spray it down with a soap solution to see if it leaks. If the welding doesn't work then I will weld on a patch. Anybody have any other suggestions? I will install it in my yard next to my shop (which only has 8' ceilings).


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Ahmmm, make sure the safety pole works. This is an inground post lift you're talking about?

If it's the barrel of the jack you're (outside jacket, in your words) fixing, I'd just put a similar thickness patch on the outside. I'm guessing, at least, a fitted 1/4" plate. The thing is going into the ground.

If it's full of oil, in any event it will have oil in it, make sure its vented. Otherwise you'll kill someone. Best.... Extend it, and back flood it with an inert gas. Carbon Dioxide, car exhaust, et cetera.

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