weldingfaq website - need new maintainer

Hi everyone
The "welding" website...
We have to take over the
formatting link
website if we want it to
continue. Larry wishes to focus on the gas turbines side of things.
I could do the site - with reservations - not the least of which is
that I am not well-qualified to do it!!! I think it likely there is a
better option - someone keen on welding and known to all, who is more
knowldgeable and experienced on websites.
I've emailed Larry and he replies he is happy to transfer over the
site to anyone who is is generally supported to take it over. The one
restriction is - not the Javascript, as that is "commercial" to the
current hosting company.
I wuld do this -- receive all content as HTML text and images.
Construct it as a "flat HTML" site.
Add to the tree of content and pages whatever is sent in by
My style of HTML can be seen at my site,
formatting link

eg. - to compare style...
Larry's version of my "compressors" pages
formatting link

My "flat HTML" version of my "compressors" pages
formatting link

I would hope the group can find itself a stronger candidate for taking
over the weldingfaq site than I can present myself.
My workload is, well... there are no enough hours in the day... so I
also cannot make many promises.
To mail me directly - there's spurious numbers to remove from address.
Richard Smith
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Richard Smith
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