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I would like to take the opportunity to introduce my website
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It's still in its infancy (like my knowledge of
doing this type of thing), but has some of our collection on display.
More will appear as I get my backside into gear and get some of the
restoration jobs done that have been hanging around for far too long !!
There is a page on our local club the Bristol and South Gloucestershire
Stationary Engine Club of which I am a member.
I have also become steward for some of Eric Brain's pages from his
website. Eric is due to retire soon and is not planning to set up a
personal website of his own. I feel his pages are too good to be lost
when his 'existence' is wiped off the university internet server.
For the same reason you will also find the Wessex Stationary Engine
Club web pages on the site. I am hosting them until the club can find
a member willing to take them over.
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"JohnR" wrote (snip):-
Congrats to Eric on joining the 'seven day weekend' brigade - can we look forward to a regular column in SEM now? And thanks John, Eric's web pages would indeed be missed.
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Nick H

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