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I have a 240v (single phase) outlet in my garage with a 30 amp breaker (10/3 wire) that I use for my miller 175 mig welder (230v 19.5amp @60hz) and I wanted to upgrade my compressor to a 240v 15amp model. I realize that if both are running off that breaker I will exceed the 30 amps by 4.5 amps. My question is will it still work based on the fact that I seldom fire up the mig welder to it's highest setting and run the compressor at the same time? thanks in advance. walt ps. I'm hoping to change my panel over to a higher service, then run another

230 line out so that it would solve these problems in the future.
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If you are actually running an arc and the compressor kicks in, you will likely (more like SHOULD) blow the breaker. Even though the run amps on the compressor is 15 amps, the inrush start up current is much more.

Just turn off the compressor when you are runn> I have a 240v (single phase) outlet in my garage with a 30 amp breaker (10/3

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Roy J

Wallster, Breakers are sized according to the wire size and distance. You can put more than that on the branch if you wish. If you fire both up at the same time you may pop the breaker. 19.5 and 15 amp are usually peak loads. Unless you start both at the same time you will be ok.


wallsterr wrote:

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Michelle P

carefull, if I am correct the milermatic will draw 19.5 or lets call it 20 amp at the "rated amprage" in the case of the millermatic 175 that is 135 amp at 30%duty cycle, however they claim it is capable of going up to 175 amp.

i just got a 175 recently , and freshly read the manual : 230V 20 amp draw at the rated amprage (135)

if you never crank it to the higest setting you should be ok.

I was i the same shoes, and had the same problem. luckally I was able to set up a sub-fuse panel

30 amp circuit for welder and an other 30 amp for plasma cutt>I have a 240v (single phase) outlet in my garage with a 30 amp breaker (10/3
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