A motor question but its in a helicopter

I have a Shuttle with a OS32H engine fitted, Would I be right in assuming
that it is running too rich.
When the motor is started for the first time on any day it runs fine for
about 10 minutes the gurgles to a stop and has to sit for 1/2 hour before it
will restart, on a normal plane I would lift the nose up and run at full
revs and tune it this way, but be a heli you cant run up full revs without
the beast taking off and it cant be held down,
Any ideas??
Thanks Wayne
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Wayne Bourke
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Learn by doing.
Try closing the needle valve a few clicks before starting it for the first time. If that solves the problem, it proves that the engine was running too rich.
It may also be overheating if you're running it for ten minutes on the ground. Heli engines don't get a lot of air and need lots of oil and needle settings toward the rich side.
I speak from watching others, not from my own experience.
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
Also be sure that your fuel line isnt touching the side of the engine or muffler. That'll screw up your tuning dramatically.
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