balancing folding props

have a graupner 9X6 folder, with a neat aluminium spinner and back plate
assembly. The spinner has a hole in the front which aids airflow through the
hub assembly and through on into the nose vent holes. I think the spinner is
from the Czech republic ( mega).
Anyway....I have a magnetic prop balancer, and always like to balance my
props as good as poss - how do I balance this folder setup??
Balancer has the "two cones on a shaft idea", and I guess I may be able to
fit the whole assembly on the cones whic would be even better 'cos it
balances the spinner and back plate at the same time? BUT how do i deal with
the blades?
I have seen it suggested that the blades be "Jammed " open with bits of
balsa / rubber bands and so-on, but surely this will upset the balance
process anyway?? It is on an alienator with mega 22/20/3 motor and 4a/h
3cell li-po pack
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The bits of balsa used would weigh less than a gram total, not enough to upset the balance appreciably, especially since they're so close to the center.
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If the blades are mounted with screws, you can simply try to tighten the screws to the point where they cause the blades to lock. Otherwise, if this is a "locking pin" type of setup (like MPJet ones), you'll probably have to jam the blades with extra pieces of material.
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Andrey Tarasevich

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