CAD models of RC servomotors and accessories

Can anyone direct me to accurate, fairly detailed CAD models for RC servomotors and accessories, like horns and such? I prefer 3D formats (IGES, SolidWorks, STEP, etc.), but DXF is fine, also.

With everything people are doing with these components, I'm surprised how hard this information has been to find online. Many thanks, Jim Lipsey

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Jim Lipsey
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You don't mean electrical modeling? I guess finding models is always a pain with computer-aided design.

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John Doe

I've collected a bunch of 2d drawings and added a few of my one. you can download these at

formatting link

at the bottom of the page look for Cad rc component collection

sorry, nothing 3d though.

cheers Papa Sharptooth

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RC Universe has a forum on design and CAD. You might ask your same question there.

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