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This site may have been posted here before, but the first I saw of it
was when a fellow RCer sent me the link the other day. If you do go
there be sure to check out "Oh my god!" (an out-take from a British
documentary) and "405-The Movie", both are very funny. There is an
awesome clip of a Sukoi flying inverted under a bridge, I presume at
an airshow. There are also some rather tragic clips, too, that remind
us of the dangers in aviation.
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Tom Johnson
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thanks! mk Gee broadband is nice.
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Awesome site. I was really enjoying myself watching the vids... Then I watched the WTC attacks again. I am not so happy now, so many bad memories. Thank you for hosting ALL of the videos.
Many are tragic, some are more tragic than others.
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It rekindles the anger I had about 2 1/2 years ago. It is a good thing. There has been so much that has happened since then - a lot of which makes me question wheter or not we are on the right course - but we must always remember 9/11 - ALWAYS.
When ennui and indecision arise, I always just watch grouchymedia's "die terrorist die"
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- now that gets the juices flowing!
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James Calivar

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