Crashed My Magic 3D

Maybe this'll help somebody to not get casual like I did.
I spectacularly wrecked (repairable) my Magic 3D Sunday because I
failed to percieve that the flap switch was in the "landing" position
(which in this case was preset to up flaps, down elevator) prior to
takeoff. I absentmindedly skipped that switch in the TX preflight, or
I bumped it when I put on the TX tray. Whatever.
My usual fun takeoff for this plane is to firewall the GMS .47, roll
two feet and go vertical, no problem. But this time around... let's
just say it was an interesting two or three seconds.
I now will mend my overconfident ways and prepare a switch checklist
for each model memory, to be used directly prior to take off.
Texas Pete
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Pete Kerezman
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Sorry to hear about your Growth Opportunity. :o(
I use CATS:
Controls: all moving well (last chance to catch a bad battery) and in the right direction (esp. ailerons & elevator).
Antenna: fully extended.
Trims: where they oughta be for that model.
Switches: rates, takeoff mode.
It's easy to forget to go through the list or just to say the words and not really look at everything. But it's a start to have a plan. "If I fail to plan, I plan to fail," more or less.
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
"Takeoff mode." Now there's a concept.
Texas Pete
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Pete Kerezman
Pete, sorry to hear about your mishap.
These days I mostly fly my heli's and a prestart routine is critical. For me, it's correct model loaded, all switches up and throttle down.
For those that don't know, there are flight modes of a heli that result in the throttle (collective stick) being at idle but the engine WFO. One start like that with a .90 will make you a believer.
Bill Vail
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The Vail Family
Hi Pete, Sorry about your crash :(. I use B-SCAT B = Check Batteries (Since this is a final pre-takeoff check I usually just check the LCD on the Tx) S = All switches in proper positions (give the Rx switch a final pull/push to insure that is fully on). C = Check *all* controls for proper movement (direction). A = Antenna *fully* extended (pull to make sure). T = Trims in proper position ( Since digital trims are becoming universal I use this check to remind me that I have the correct model selected).
Tally Ho, Ed
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Ed Forsythe
It's a switch on three of my computer transmitters.
I can set flaps & elevator for takeoff.
There is also a landing mode. I can mix in throttle settings with this, I think, so that raising the throttle cancels the spoilers & elevator inputs.
I think I've taken off in landing mode because I use a fairly gentle setting. A more aggressive "spoiler" would probably have held the plane on the ground, as seems to have happened to the poor fellow who started this thread.
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
Turn Everything On And Make Sure It Works Properly And Is Set Correctly Before Even Attempting To Start Your Engine.
I like it because it's nice and easy to remember :-)
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