Elec. motor speed controller question

I have a P-47 control line plan (from a 1947 MI mag.), and would like to
use an elec. motor instead of gas. Would a speed controller be required
here? Thanks, Ted.
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Ted W Lee
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There are timers for electric control line. Seems to me there is a way to control throttle from the handle too. I think I've seen them in a magazine and all I get right now is MA. mk
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If you want to use a brushless motor you'll need a speed controller -- brushless motors need some electronics provide the commutation that brushes provide on a brushed motor. Even with a brushed motor it's a good idea to have a speed controller that'll limit current in the event that the motor gets stalled -- a hard landing that stops the prop is much less severe than a hard landing that stops the prop, ruins the motor, and possibly makes the batteries burst into flame.
As the other responder noted, there are timers for control line use. I don't know who carries them. If you're in the US (or not) a check on Brodak's website, or a call, may get you an answer.
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Tim Wescott

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