electric fly connecting problems

This is a project that has nothing to do with airplanes.
I have a brushless dc motor, a motorcontroler, a 6 cell battery and
a servo tester. Everything is connected properly, the controller beeps
I connect the battery, which I do nothing about but when I turn up the
on the servo tester the motor will run for a few seconds and then slow
and stop. After stopping if I turn the knob back to zero and advance
it again
the motor will repeat the above action.
What is happening?
Brian Fairey
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You're probably hitting low voltage cutoff on your Speed(motor) control. As you turn the knob, the speed increases and the voltage drops as the load increases on the battery. This is exactly what should happen at some point, but not right away. Your controller probably needs to be programmed to a more appropriate Low Voltage Cutoff(LVC). Either that or your components aren't properly matched to each other...
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