EPP foamie and getting a decal to stick

I'm putting together a EPP foamie "Pigi" from Hobby Lobby, and being in Arkansas, thought it'd be neat to have some Arkansas Razorback Hawg eblems (bumper stickers) in a few places. Ordered the decals (shipping cost more than the decals!) and snipped off a corner piece to see if it'd stick good. It stuck BAD!! Like there wasn't even any glue on it!! I've seen various references to 3M spray adhesive for applying things like decals or covering - would that work on EPP??? There's got to be something besides epoxy or CA (and how would you spread CA on something like that?)...... TIA

Cheers'n Beers.. [_]) Don

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Don Parker
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shoe goo or goop or plumbers goop. mk

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3M 77 should do it.

Pete Keillor

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Peter T. Keillor III

Don, Wipe down the foam with alcohol first, let the foam dry, set your monocote iron to 195 degrees F. and go over the decal. The low heat will not effect the decal or foam.

Also, I haven't bought decals for my foamies in years make your own. Purchase Avery 8665 clear adhesive sheets and print your graphics right on it using a color printer. Cut out and stick on. The Avery decals won't require any heat, be careful, once they touch the foam thats were they stay.

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