Exhaust header for GMS engines?

I just purchased a GMS .61 ringed engine for that old P-40 I'm building. I'd like to use an in-cowl muffler, but Hobbico (the distributor of everything, it seems) tells me that no headers are made for this particular engine, nor have I been able to find one. My plan is to buy one that is close in size and tap it. Before I go to all that trouble, is there someone that makes custom headers that might already have one?


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Matt Senecal
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Try the Dubb Jett turbo in cowl muffler.

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Tom Watson

Check out Macs Mufflers

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and ask them. If anyone would, they would have it. Just bought a GMS .61 ringed myself! If it runs anything like my .76 it will be a real winner.

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