FA (UK Only) 2 off Saito FA-62a GK + ASM P61 Black Widow + Scale Oleos - Reminder

Just a reminder that my eBay auctions end tomorrow - the 79 inch span
ASM P-61 Black Widow kit looks an especially good deal at the current
selling price of =A351. More details of this model (including the eye-
watering new price) are available at . Build thread may be of interest at .
Anyway, the items are as follows (I'll skip the blurb this time) :
1. Auction ID 250304993410
This is an auction for a Saito FA-62a Gold Knight 4-stroke RC
aeroplane engine in new unrun and boxed condition.
2. Auction ID 250304993081
This is an auction for the Northrop P-61 Black Widow kit mentioned
above. It is in unstarted condition and complete with all original
accessories including the wheels for fixed gear operation, decals and
3 Auction ID 250304993534
Scale oleo legs and wheels to fit the Northrop p-61 Kit above
1. Auction ID 250305354128
This is an auction for the other of the two Saito FA-62a Gold Knight 4-
stroke RC aeroplane engine in new unrun and boxed condition that I am
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