Where is everyone?

Stop worrying about the stock markets and the banks. It will pass. What will
be, will be - regardless of how it turns out.
Hobbies thrive during economic downturns. Been that way all of my 62 years.
People are too busy going places and doing other things to mess with models
when we are in economic good times.
Break out that old kit you have been saving. Pick up a pint or a quart of
yellow glue at Wal-Marts along with some sandpaper and get busy building.
Purposefully do not turn the TV on to the news channels or any serious
discussions. Find a rerun of The Addams Family or The Munsters. Even
Gilligan's Island. Relax, enjoy yourself while sipping your diet soda.
I suspect that many stocks that have depreciated sharply recently will be
right back up there again within the next year. Sit back and enjoy the
election circus. If Palin ever needs a staff brown noser, I know someone
that would volunteer in a heartbeat. 8>)
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
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I'm here. I actually flew twice last week. As for kits to build, I have a inclination to build that Longjohn, or that BTE Venture 60. I could take on that Balsa USA Pheaton or the CG Ulitmate.........Now see what you've done Ed? :) mk Jim in NC, if you read this I may have something for you.
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"MJKolodziej" wrote> Jim in NC, if you read this I may have something for you.
Roger dodger.
Post coming at you via back channels
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Haha. The immediate crisis will pass, and so will the 15 year depression, but some of us may not be alive to see it.
Sure, That I agree with. With no money and no job, you might as well buy a really complicated plan and a shed load of balsa while you can..
No. There is a global transition from steady growth to zero growth, or even shrinkage. We've run out of cheap exploitable resources. We have to construct a new one based on what we already have.
Wailin Paiin? If you thought Hillary was scary you ain't seen nuthin yet.
Frankly its a pretty sorry bunch all round. The best of the bunch would seem to be Obama, since he's smart and slippery, and may just be smart enough to know he is not smart enough, and start listening to advice, and adapting to the changes a bit faster than McCain. But the politicians are just passengers this time around. Well they have been for 10 years..but at least Obama may be able to get the driver to take his foot off the gas pedal, since the tank is almost empty and the engines blown, and look for a place to stop and fix it.
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The Natural Philosopher
The old paradym is broken beyond repair. And that is as it should be. It's called progress, whether we like it or not.
The President of the United State's sole function is to act as a lightning rod. The true rulers of the world, who happen to live in your country, by the way, are and will continue to plod away, using one group of people to to fight another group of people as they always have in the past. Divide and conqueor. I don't play Democrats versus Republicans anymore. Even I out grow some silly things. I decided a while back that it really makes no difference who is in office. Nor do I care.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
Remember that when osama sends the thought police to take away your guns !!!!
his brand of "change, I do NOT need or want.
but, You are right, the "supreme" court has basically usurped total control of ALL governmental functions rendering both the executive and legislative branches inconsequential.
I had made up my mind NOT to post any political messages here, BUT
osama does remind me of wet willie clinton in one thing, I feel like I need a bath with a wire brush and lye soap after I hear either one of them talk.
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Bob Cowell
MM. There are no real rulers. I know what you are talking about, but they don't have a monopoly on people power, and their power depends on a myth..which is in the process of being bust wide open.
Actually the real rulers of the world are probably the Chinese communist party.
If you trace the money back far enough, that's who owns > 50% of the world.
are and will continue to plod away, using one group of people to to
Laudable and mature.
Anyway we are up shit creek without much of a paddle now.
Time to build more models, and at least there wont be much traffic on the roads..if we can afford to gas the tank..
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The Natural Philosopher
I doubt it would come to that. Political suicide.
Well I feel that way about Wailin Palin.
And although I think McCain is a person I might like, I don't think he has the strength to last the course.
Palin scares me more than Bush. He's just stupid. She is stupid and think's she is right.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Sometimes a smart slimy son of a bitch is what you need.
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The Natural Philosopher
I won't argue with you on your last point and Obama does seem to be the right man for that job.
The last president we had that actually thought he was the president and acted accordingly was whacked in 1963. Should any president, including Palin, deviate too far from the preplanned course of the true rulers of the world (hint - they live in England), there would be another whacking, though I doubt if the president would be shot. They would simply receive that new cocktail that has been popularized in Europe lately that contains a hefty amount of dioxin. I believe they call it the "Arafat". I applauded when that SOB croaked.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
Not in THIS world.
I have NO desire to see as president someone who would go along with a preacher badmouthing the United States and everybody here for TWENTY YEARS without protesting or distancing himself from such rhetoric.
mark my words, You elect the slimy bastard, we will ALL be learning to read the koran
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Bob Cowell
No. Eds more right here.
All the politicans are in hock to someone. I don't happen to agree to who they are in hock or how much tho.
What they have to do is tread a peculiar path.
They have to satisfy the electorate to get elected. They have to satisfy the party to get to be a candidate, They have to satisfy certain other forces in order to get the money to campaign effectively. They have to avoid getting shot.
In addition if they are going to be a great leader, they have to somehow convince all the above once they get there, that what they are proposing is actually, no matter how unpalatable, in everyones best interest.
Kennedy largely did all that bar avoiding getting shot. Since then by and large every president has either got shot, or failed to be a great leader.
I would say that the most successful have managed to quietly get the right thing done while pretending to do something completely different.
The worst have simply done nothing at all. GW Bush is of that ilk.
Don't worry about Obama, he will fail to live up to either his promises to the nation, or to the picture that is painted to him by his opponents.
What you have to hope, is that he will be smart enough not to get shot, and smart enough to con all the people that will try to pressure him, into thinking that he is in fact doing there bidding, and is just young and idealistic enough to really believe that his real job is to be a servant of the USA population, and try and get at least a little bit done to make it better for them.
And lord knows, its going to be a rough ride. Getting used to being only No 2 world power is never easy. We know.
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The Natural Philosopher
No sure what particular thing you are trying to say here..
Sounds like you have been watching too much political advertising. And need a course in anger management.
Don't you realise its ALL SPIN?
The only truth about political campainging is that its all lies?
Where were YOU in 1967?
Haven't you seen it all before, every single bloody time?
And you STILL fall for it, hook, line and sinker?
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The Natural Philosopher
SNIPPED, ( a bunch of BS from someone who had to have it explained that he had been insulted)
try this one,
was your lobotomy painful?
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Bob Cowell

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