FA (UK only) Colchester A1 turbine Hawk kit

Just a reminder that the auction for my Colchester A1 BAe Hawk kit for
turbine installation finishes tomorrow. Current price is a very
attractive =A387 so it's well worth a look if you might be in the market
for a turbine powerd jet model. Could also be converted to ducted fan
or EDF by an enterprising person. An abreviated description follows -
see the auction for the full blurb :
2. eBay id 250308335531
This is an auction for a model Hawk Jet kit imported by Colchester A1
models. In extremely good condition and only just started, the only
part of this kit that is not as new is the right wing which has had
the covering removed from the wheel well area. This kit is one of the
latest variants of this very popular plane tomodel and, unlike some
available is expressly designed to be powered with a gas turbine of
around 6 or 7 kg thrust. Wingspan is 1360mm (53.5 inches) and length
is 1430mm (56.25 inches).
The kit is complete with a lightweight fibreglass tube to protect the
rear fuselage from the heat of the turbine (not supplied).
Thanks for your interest,
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