Firebird XL

My Grandson and myself have been merrily crashing our Firebird XL. Our last
aborted landing ended with the prop missing. After replacing the prop I notice
I don't seem to have enough power. The prop seems to have the same diameter as
the original prop, but what about the pitch? The name of the new prop is:
HBZ2004 Propeller: Firebird XL. With this prop I can barely get the plane high
enough to make for a proper crash landing! Is it the prop? Do I need another
motor? Or, go buy another plane?
Thank you in advance
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need to visit you club and have them look it over, might have shifted something else while breaking the prop
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tater schuld
The prop may be slipping on the shaft and not turning as fast as it should.
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Bob Bauer
Maybe its on backwards.
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The Natural Philosopher
Thank you for the suggestions. Will see if the motor has shiften in it's housing and the idea of shimming up the front edge of the wing sounds like another good effort. I doubt the prop is on backwards, even I would be able to notice those effects. Once again, thank you
Tom Johgnson
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Hi Tom;
Several things can happen in a crash, some of which have already been pointed out...
- Prop on backward; I don't think that's possible. The prop hub on mine is closed off at one end and will only fit on the shaft one way - Prop slipping; maybe, but much more likely with a used propeller than a new one. - Different diameter/pitch? I'm assuming all the *bird series planes take the same prop, and I doubt you could get one in the wrong size. - Motor has shifted in the pod - happens all the time. Make sure the motor shaft and prop aren't rubbing against something. - Boom pops out of it's notch in the pod; this happens sometimes, is hardly noticeable from looking, and holds in a slight "down elevator" trim. - Wings and tail get twisted; make sure the all the flying surfaces are still relatively straight. Each crash can make the plane trim slightly differently :^)
Not that the crash would have caused this, but
- Of course, make sure the batteries are fully charged!
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Just FYI: The Firebird XL prop is one of those plastics with the built in spinner (one piece mold prop/spin) , so it will only go on one way. Assuming he got the right replacement prop, it is not a backward prop issue.
Bob Ruth AMA 720565
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Apologies, Thought it was a Gunther - the two piece moulding where you have to take it apart and flip the prop...for a pusher :-)
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The Natural Philosopher

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