Micron 4-cylinder 60 engine info

I have a four-cylinder horizontally opposed 2-cycle glow engine of about 0.60
total displacement. It has a radial mount, labeled "MICRON" and "Made in
France" on it. The engine case in a single unit with dual chambers. Each
chamber has a reed value feed from a cover plate, which has a single Perry
carburetor (not excessively large - almost a 40-size unit). It appears that it
fire two cylinders on each side at 180 degrees. It is of high quality machining
and fit and has Rossi short glow plugs. Each cylinder has a straight exhaust
pipe about 2 inches long.
Does anyone have any information on the manufacturer and/or this engine and
suggestion on running it? Ideas for a muffler and/or muffler system? It appears
to have been run but not very much. And, no, I do not want to sell it.
Ron Bennett
Monmouth, OR
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