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Anybody have any good sites or links for rebuilding 2 and 4 stroke engines? Bearing replacement, valve adjustment, etc.

TIA, Doug

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scroll down (sorry the hyperlinks do not always appear on newsgroup page?) to =

Engines,Plugs,Tuning, Petrol, Turbines, Mufflers, Cleaning, Anodising etc

Model Engine News Model Aircraft Noise Reduction - Helping you keep your flying sites Animated Engines = Co2, Wankel, Gnome Rotary and many more

Animated Engines - Full selection. Animated Engines, CO2 Animated Engines, Single Cylinder Stirling

Bearings, Metal Working, Mufflers, Tuned Pipes.

Abec Tolerances Aluminum Welding How to Weld Aluminium Bearing Sizes & Types - Desertsky Bendy pipes + scale Manifolds for large engines Bisson Custom Mufflers Boca Bearings for glow engines Fly Quiet - Sound reducing mufflers .049 to big FMV Storey - Engine & Bearing Fit and design. Installation of Model Engine Bearings JTEC Model Engine Accessories krumscheid Macs Products Website - exhausts and smoke systems Metalworking FAQ/Compendium Mousse Can Muffler - RCFU Peacekeeper Mufflers Pipes for Aeromodeling PSP Manufacturing Slimline Manufacturing Techo Weld The Technology of Tuned Pipes - RC Cars Tuned Pipes - FAQ - Andy Ellison Tuned Pipe Designer - JavaPipe: - download calculator Tuned Pipes - The mystery of - four part series + downloads Ultrathrust Mufflers

Carburettors, Tuning & Performance Testing, Glow Plugs.

Airplane flight,model airplanes,engines,aerodynamics - Pé Reivers Cen Racing - good tutorial on tuning, care & maintenance Extend Engine Life - M.A.N article For the new modeller - How To... Fuels - Brian Hampton Glow Plugs- Brian Hampton How to Rebuild Your Nitro Engine - RC Nitro Magazine,*** Installation of Model Engine Bearings K&B owners guides - Carbuettor tuning etc Modifying Your Engine - Expansion Chambers etc NitroReview_reviews of almost every car_truck engine Performance Testing of Engines - Martin.Hepperle Perry Pumps & Carburettors Prop and rpm performance figures - RCFAQ Regulated fuel supply for large engines - Pe Reivers Running In Engines - Brian Hampton Setting the Idle Mixture _ Brian Hampton SmartPlugs - Applications Squish Clearance - RC Super Tigre - On Line PDF Manuals*** The Technology of Glow Plugs Tuning and setting Car & Truck engines***

Cleaning & Starter Motors (Homemade & On board)

1/A Starter Motor Antifreeze FEMA On-Board Engine Starters

Glow, Diesel & CO2 Engines - all (Home pages)

and many more but a good start for the beginner is = How to rebuild your Nitro Engine =

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regards Alan T. Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Web Links
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