Gas engine ID needed

Hi all,
I recently acquired an older 1/3 scale (Bob Nelitz) plans built Cub and could
use some help trying to ID the engine. The engine appears fully intact (other
than a good cleaning) I'm mainly interested in any available specs, manuals,
I have posted some photos here:
formatting link

Weight = approx 4lbs minus the muffler
Length = 5.25" (front to rear)
Height = 6" (not including plug)
Width = 5" (includes carb)
Markings on cylinder "44 ZN 18"
It has a 6 bolt prop mount as shown in the photos, and has a 23 x 10 wood prop.
To me, it looks similar to the J&A Engineering line of gas engines. See
formatting link

Thanks for any help,
Alan Harriman
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Alan Harriman
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It looks like it might be a Air Hobbies 3.2 (sachs cylinder & piston). Not absolutely positive though.
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Nah, he paints his RED. Looks like an old Brisson with the sliding ring for spark advance. I don't recall if J&A did that or not.
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Thanks for the replies. It looks like 3.2 may be right. I was able to measure the bore and stroke via the exhaust port and spark plug openings.
Diam = 1.75" Stroke = 1.375
Or approx 3.3 C.I. displacement? (or approx 52cc) Anyway, should be enough info to compare to similar engines for specs, etc.
Alan Harriman
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Alan Harriman

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