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You can find signs made of corplast like political elections advertisement or go to a gas station and see if they have old beer advertising signs. If you don't mind paying for it, you can go to a sign printing store and buy a

4x8 sheet for about $18.
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Normen Strobel
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I get mine from a sign shop. Cant remember how much, but I think it was about $18 for a 4x8 sheet. They might have scraps a lot cheaper if you just need a small piece.

Brad L.

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Brad Lorance

The sigh shops are running a rip-off. I checked at one that wanted $24 for a 4x8 sheet.

If you are in or near a large city, look up plastic in the yellow pages. I'm just 5 miles from Regal Plastics in Fort Worth, TX - and a sheet of 4mil is $6.75. IIRC, Regal has outlets all over the US.

It that fails, then order on-line from these guys....

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Good Luck David

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David AMA40795 / KC5UH

I've bought 3 4 x 8 sheets at a local sign shop for 11.00 sheet. It was about 3/16" , which I think is 4 mil. This guy even cut it

2 x 4 sheets for Pizza Box flyers.

I like the idea of the poticians signs. LOL Some>I know some build their own planes out of materials like foam and coroplast.

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Ken Day

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