Float fly pictures posted

The southern California Santa Fe Dam RC Modelers float fly took place on Sat
Feb 23, between the rain storms we have been having. There was a breeze at
times, but the sun was out a lot, and rain didn't return until we were
through flying at about 2:30PM. Great flying and fun, and a good barbecue. A
great place to fly, will post when the next event is.
Pictures at
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Geeze, that's a spectacular venue. Some nice pics, too! Thanks!
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Nice pics Earle - looks a little nippy?
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Ed Forsythe
Started out a bit cool and breezy (about 48 degrees). But the wind calmed down and the sun came out for a while. Compared the weather of the last week we were lucky. It is a beautiful sight with the mountains in the background. As you saw, the NASCAR race the next day was rained out. Naturally, this week will be warm and sunny. Anyway a good time was had by all, only one bad crash. As you can see in the pic, the wing came off and the fuse buried about 6" in the mud. Being mud, the engine did not appear to be hurt. We look forward to our next event. Earle
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Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy looking at models with floats.
Good flying, desmobob
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Robert Scott

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