Flying Clubs in Las Vegas

Can anyone give me the names and contacts of a few of the flying clubs in the LV area?

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Ted Kennedy
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Have you tried the AMA web site? The last time I looked (which was a while ago, I admit) they did have listings, although I recall having to dig for them.

Decent hobby shops should be able to help, too -- but I couldn't say if there's any decent ones in the LV area!

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Tim Wescott

I got curious and found the link myself:

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Just put in your zip.

Of course, it doesn't tell you how _good_ the clubs are -- but then, what's great for one person would be terrible for another, so you'll need to try them all out anyway.

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Tim Wescott

We used to have a regular poster here from LV. Search this group. mk

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I don't live in the Las Vegas area so can't give you any personal recommendations, however, go to Google and type "model airplane flying clubs Las Vegas" and you'll get quite a list to choose from.

Ron Kelley

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There are a handful of clubs that I know of here in Vegas. Depends on what you are looking for. The only one with a "private" field is the Las Vegas Soaring Club. You must be a member to fly at our field (I am the President of the club this year). We are electric only and have a very small runway - 210 feet. So anything larger than about 48" wingspan doesn't work well.

There is a County maintained field in North LV called McCool field. To fly there you must have a park pass from the county. Vegas Prop Nuts fly there as does the Rebel Squadron.

There is also the Bennett Field where the Las Vegas Radio Control club flies. Those two fields are full size, asphalt runways where you can fly pretty much anything including (I think) Giant scale.

The Vegas Aces is a Park Fly club.

All the clubs are "good" clubs. Lots of active members, good people. I dont think any of the clubs offer formalized training. Most are "fly what you bring and we will offer tips, advice and help as needed" but you are expected to learn to fly on a simulator or with a trainer type plane.

The AMA site will have contact info for any/all of these clubs. Again, what club you need is going to depend on what you want to fly.



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