RC Model shops and Flying Clubsin Portland, Oregon

I am about to spend a few days in Portland, Oregon (24th May through 1st
June). Can anyone advise me of any decent RC Model Aircraft stores and
Model Flying Clubs in the area that are worth a visit.
Many thanks for any advice in advance.
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Geb Jones
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Dunno about P-land itself.
Tammie's Hobbies in Beaverton is large and well stocked, Coyote Hobby in Oregon City is brand new and turning into a very nice place. Tammie's has a hair better selection, but they're a "general purpose" hobby shop that seems to be turning more to cars as a cash cow. Russ at Coyote is a knowledgeable, dedicated airplane modeler who only hires knowledgeable, dedicated modelers to staff the place.
There's a place down on Interstate avenue that was really cool about 10 years ago (the owner would always be in the back building a plane when you walked in -- talk about knowledgeable!). It's changed hands, though, and I haven't been down to Delta Park to watch the control line guys for years, so I don't know how it is.
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Tim Wescott
In my opinion, Portland doesn't have a decent hobby shop for RC aircraft. They seem to cater to the RC car crowd, with planes as a side line. On the other hand, in the 'burbs, Beaverton offers Tammies Hobbies. Large and well stocked, they cover it all. Planes, cars, trains, wood burning kits, paint-by-numbers, you name it. I have found their sales people hard to access at times. In Oregon City, you will find Coyote Hobby. Smaller, well stocked and sales people that are very knowledgeable. The main focus at Coyote is airplanes. If time allows, I would visit both Tammies and Coyote. If time is short, make it Coyote. As for RC clubs, Portland has many. I haven't been to a lot of them, but would recommend Molalla RC Assn.
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Molalla is about 30 to 40 min SE of Portland. Sundays, weather permitting, you'll often find them flying 25% and larger craft there. Enjoy your visit. Paul
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On 5/20/08 9:01 AM, in article K-SdnfkYk719aK_VnZ2dnUVZ snipped-for-privacy@web-ster.com, "Tim Wescott" wrote:
It's Hobbies Unlimited at 4030 N Interstate.
It is still a good place to buy or to just look around. I bought my galloping ghost tx there, and later, a Bonner Eight, 8 channel system in the early 60's. More recently I bought a couple airplane kits, motors, batteries, etc. They are helpful and price conscious.
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Don Bowey
That's the place. It's good to know it hasn't changed.
I still mourn Aero Sports a bit -- after Leon retired they turned it into cars & trucks and let their aircraft inventory go. I don't even know if they're still around, or if they're still car-oriented (I live just outside of Oregon City, so I almost always go to Coyote).
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Tim Wescott
Leon and AR-r-r-oSports are gone. The new guy didn't make it--th
building is now empty. There's a new place "R/C Hobbies" out Burnside a about 240th; he's looking for 'plane people, but selling mostly cars Nice guy, I don't know what he knows, but he's willing to talk and orde anything he can get. Prices rival mail order on the items I've checke (servos, building supplies)
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