I've started doing a lot of scratch building and I'm running out of radio equipment. I'm a Futaba user, always have been. I have some older AM and newer FM TXs and RXs. I've done some reading on compatible brands. Hitec and towerhobbie seem to work well with Futaba products. I need to do some more study as to which Rxs and servos are compatible with Futaba Txs. Send me some links to some useful info.

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Raymond Giddens
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The short answer is: All Futaba and Hitec FM equipment will work together. All Hitec servos will work with Futaba receivers. Be careful of polarity when plugging in.

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Paul McIntosh

Cox/Sanwa can be rewired as well for Futabe. See this thread:

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Tony Van

All Hitec receivers, except those made to be compatible with Cox/Sanwa/Airtronics systems, will work with Futaba transmitters. Futaba servos won't plug into the Hitec receivers (unless you specify a Futaba-compatible receiver) unless you whittle off the tab and bevel the edges. However, Hitec servos will plug into Futaba receivers with no modification. In most cases, the black or brown ground wire goes toward the outside of the receiver case. Airtronics/Sanwa has changed the wiring of their servos, and their newer servos with "Z" connectors will work with Futaba and Hitec receivers, too.


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