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Hello I have two older Futaba FG series Gold RC , TX/RX systems , one is on 72 mhz. and the other is on the 53 mhz. amateur band , both are FM and understand that both TX should be narrow band according to Futaba , I haven't used these unites airborne for some time but both seem to work OK , I know everybody laughs at the antiques but I always loved them , anyway I would like to upgrade the older single conversion RX , was looking at the R127DF and R168DF Receiver , wonder if someone has done this upgrade and if compatible , also wonder if any of the Hams have ever shifted the TX/RX from

53 mhz. down to 50 mhz. on this same unit , TX module is FP-TF-FM and RX is FP-R107M . Thanks so much Phil
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Good transmitters and I never had an ounce of trouble from any of mine.

I remember that these were in production and Futaba's main line product at the time the narrow band standards came out. Gold Cases sold after the standard went in place were delivered with the gold sticker applied. Those of us that had them before the standard came into place, had to return the to Futaba for "tuning" and the application of the gold sticker. Of course, it may be that the transmitters needed no tuning, and it was simply a drill to have the gold sticker applied. I do remember that there was no charge for this "upgrade", and a minimal charge for the change to the narrow band receiver (can't remember the first narrow band receiver model number). Of course, back in those days Futaba hardly ever charged for any repair; quite unlike today. I would think the 127 and 168 would work just fine, but I have never tried it. Finding those receivers on 50 or 53 MHz may be a real challenge.

I also recall those transmitters came in two basic flavors. One had expo for primary flight controls, and the other had dual rates for the primary flight controls. There were none which had both features.

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Tom Minger


No modifications are necessary for the 53 MHz unit, as standards in the six meter band have not changed. Fifty Megahertz was added to the six meter band as an additional bit of spectrum to use, without affecting those using the

53 MHz frequencies.

The narrow band 72 MHz changes are nearly twenty years old (1991). It will be less expensive to buy a new transmitter than it will be to pay a technician to update your old gold Futaba transmitter. You will also need a new receiver in order to operate successfully in the narrow band environment (72 MHz/USA).

Ed Cregger

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Ed Cregger

Phill. they will no longer update the gold boxes but there is good news if you want to change the modules to 2.4. Hobbyking sell a module and 2 recievers for aroung 90.00 usd.I but one for my Futaba 8 u and found out the the pin spacing are the same. The module is smaller in physical size so you can tape it in the slot or get creative. I just kept mine in place with tape. the meter works and you don't have to screw on the original ant.

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Isn't holding the module in with tape just an accident waiting to happen?

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I was thinking the same thing.

Cable tie, with a couple holes drilled in the case, a false cover screwed onto the back, something, anything other than tape.

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