About 25 years ago I had a 1/2A model called the Honker. Actually I
liked it so much I bought another one. They are both gone now and I'd
like to get another one. My guess is that they are not made anymore
because I don't see them advertised in any of the RC magazines.
Does anyone have one lying around that you would like to sell? I
would prefer an unbuilt kit but will take what I can get.
On my second Honker, I bought an extra wing and doubled the length
and it flew almost like a glider.
I have many .049's sitting around collecting dust and I need
something to put them on.
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Check out the RCM plans catalog. Several Honker plans were published over the years.
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Robert Reynolds
With a TD .051 it was a rocket! Often thought of building one for
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Aha, The Honker or the Honker Rocket? both by Dave Thornburg. The HR was a much better looking model, I flew one for ages, until I shredded it through a tree.
The kits have not been seen for years, but the plans were sold by RCM. They have gone, but IIRC somebody still has the rights.
Honker Plan #529 Honker Rocket Plan #832
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Barry Lennox

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