IMAA BOD Decision

IMAA Board of Directors - thumbs down on IMAA e-mail list.
Hi Red,
As anticipated, the Board does not feels that the potential problems
outweigh the value of having such a list.
Frank V. Ponteri
IMAA District One Director
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From: Red Scholefield
Date: Saturday, January 31, 2004 12:55:38 PM
To: Frank Ponteri
Subject: IMAA e-mail list
What was the decision?
Red S.
14) The internet group owned by Red Schoefield has been closed at Mr.
Schoefields request. Ownership of this group has been offered to the IMAA by
Mr. Schoefield. Does the IMAA Board want to accept ownership of this group,
establish guidelines, and appoint a moderator?
Reason: This matter has been discussed on a number of occasions by the Board
and it is now time to put the matter to rest.
*****Items 13 & 14 Presented by Frank Pointeri***********
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Red Scholefield
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Red, did you really think they would take on that list? Have they ever gotten their magazine worked out? I dropped IMAA several years ago due to all the squabbeling in internal quarrels. I think the IMAA is pase', outlived it's usefulness!
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I think the membership numbers tell the story, locked in left rudder - full throttle!
Red S.
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Red Scholefield
I guess the Winter Rally of Giants to be held down in Edinburg, TX next month should bolster the IMAA membership some... If you don't have IMAA membership, part of your entry fee pays for it... What IS IMAA dues now-a-days, anyway??
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Oh, 'bout the cost of 1.5 gallons of glow fuel, or a tank of the good stuff for my '86 Mustang GT, or half a fill-up for the work van.
IOW twenty bucks.
Cheers, Fred McClellan The House Of Balsa Dust
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Fred McClellan

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